I explore user habites, create user experience concepts, prototypes and user Interfaces

What is a Product Designer?

In the tech industry, a Product Designer is capable of various forms of design, he must be an Interaction designer, a Visual designer, a Motion Designer, coherent in user researcher methods and a have a head for Business Strategy but most of all he is an ideas man.

My main role as a product designer is to gather requirements from either a Business or a group of various Users and imagine how they use a digital product to solve a problem in the best conceivable way, understanding how best to illustrate for a successful the written pitch, presentation or team briefing. When conceiving ideas a technical understanding of the development process is essential, it’s one thing to think of an idea it’s another to know if it is even possible. I come from a networking and design background which inherently helps with the imagination and criticism of product design.


User Testing
Diary Studies
Focus Groups
Remote Testing
User Journeys


Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop


Amazon Echo
Google Home
Leap Motion
Watch & TV
Fitbit API
Home Kit


Apple Watch
Apple TV
Android OS
iOS Car/Android Auto
Alexa Assistant
Google Assistant

How do I create

At the moment most designers are still creating static mockups to communicate app ideas but increasingly clients are finding this more difficult to understand as apps are anything but static wireframes and user journeys. They are all about movement, this is why I practice fluid low and high fidelity prototype design. When mixing Axure, Principle, Flinto and Facebook’s Origami Studio you can create prototypes that convey the flow of your app, page, idea or micro interaction. These apps can be used for app development, prototyping, motion graphics and video production.


``Stéphane is a brilliant UX designer with many years of experience! He is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he has been an invaluable resource for our team. I really enjoyed working with him. I would recommend Stéphane anytime.``

Olivier Rigault Head of Mobile

``Stéphane is not just a normal UX designer. He understands high level requirements which he brings to life with very detailed wireframes. He has a passion for developing products and he goes above and beyond on what is required to ensure his work is understood by various stakeholders across the business. He is very friendly and I'm glad I had the chance to work with him on the Quidco app.``

Jonida Dule Project Manager

``When I interviewed and later hired Stéphane for UX lead on All Things Hair, I knew there was much more than skill he offered. He was hungry to experiment, explore and advance UX opportunities and processes beyond the status quo. Once on board our highly ambitious global site build project, Stéphane brought an incredibly high energy to the team through meticulous exploration and best-in-class innovation.``

Alison Bracegirdle Creative Director