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Mc Donalds Monopoly

Describe McDonalds Monopoly Project

Client: Mc Donalds
Date: October 14, 2013
Services: UI Design, Visual Design

McDonalds Monopoly iOS App

Tasked with updating the McDonalds responsive website with a new design. I was brought in to consult and advise the business to restructure their responsive website for Phone, Tablet & Desktop.

The brief was to explore how to integrate the various sections of McDonalds Monopoly and update the graphics.

This involved working closely with the creative agency to work with the requirements and answer the overall objectives of the mobile responsive website.

I was requested to work with McDonalds Assets from different sources and cleaning them up as needed. Trying to leave the project as clean and organised as possible as this project moves on from year to year and from designer to designer.